Advanced Injectable Aesthetic Treatments
Passionate about making people feel and look great through facial Aesthetics.

At Montpellier Beauty, we are delighted to have Dr. Georgiana Barton as part of our team delivering Advanced Aesthetic procedures. Georgiana joined us in 2017, offering consultations and Aesthetic Treatments at our regular monthly clinics.

As a highly experienced Dentist, with more than 15 years in practice, she is passionate about making people feel and look great through facial Aesthetics, offering an holistic approach to patient care and safety. Her background gives her a client friendly, professional manner and a deep understanding of the medical science behind rejuvenating the face.

A consultation is required before any of our Aesthetic Treatments.

Injectable Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments (Botox®, Azzalure®)

Adminstered in dosed quantities to selected muscles, it helps relax the facial muscles, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, also helping in the prevention of new lines forming.

Visible results can be seen within 5-7 days , and lasts up to 3-4 months.

Can also be used to reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) … underarm and hands.

Upper Face, Lower face, Neck, Gummy Smile: from £190.00

Dermal Fillers ( Restylane, Juvederm)

Fillers are injected into the skin and are used to give contour, restore shape and definition, create volume to your lips, cheeks, perioral lines, hands and neck. They also help to erase wrinkles and lines.

from £195.00


Dr. Barton treated my face for lip and cheek fillers and I couldn’t be happier. After suffering a trauma to my face I was really self-conscious of my cheeks. She fully explained the treatment and the results have left me feeling a lot happier and more confident. After previously having lip fillers at other places this experience was a lot different – I wasn’t rushed in and out of the chair and felt that Dr. Barton listened to exactly how I wanted my lips – she didn’t just start injecting. I feel my lips are now the perfect size and shape and get so may compliments on them.

Female, 24

I am pleased to say that I had a first class experience from start to finish. The procedure was explained to me in detail and my questions were answered fully, so I was pleased to go ahead. I felt confident in Dr. Barton’s abilities, as she has much experience and the results have exceeded my expectations! Just wow! I look and feel 10 years younger. Thank you so much.

Female, 40

I found my lips too thin and Dr. Barton gave them body to give a fuller lip. I loved them and they lasted a while. After a few applications they were just right. I definitely recommend her; she was very thorough and kept me at ease the whole time from beginning to end.

Female, 35

I had Botox® treatment with Dr. Barton and I was really happy during my treatment and also the fantastic result. I’m really pleased with my eyebrow lift and highly recommend Dr. Barton to my friends.

Male, 26